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What people are saying

"The teacher sessions and parent information talk were outstanding. I really felt that the whole reason for doing the study skills was brought together. The parents were really impressed with where this is going and appreciated our efforts in organising the study skills program."

- Teacher, St Andrew’s School for Girls

What people are saying

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for Mpumelelo last Tuesday. I was so impressed with the way in which you read the [group] immediately, and catered for their needs from the first minute of your facilitation session. I know it is going to have a profound impact on the students’ future."

- Teacher, Mpumelelo Secondary School

What people are saying

"The presenter did a great job. I will actually recommend that in life and pass it on to my children."

- Parent, LEAP Science & Maths School

What people are saying

"It was the best motivational program I've had."

- Student, LEAP Science & Maths School

What people are saying

"I would give it a 10/10 because I learnt a lot, increased my confidence and even made me laugh."

- Student, Promaths

What people are saying

"It was really informative and fun at the same time. This workshop is very useful. I can't wait to start studying for finals."

- Student, Islamia College
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